Cadet Summer Training Information 

Dates of Cadet Activity Program (CAP) to be announced Spring of 2024

  • CAP 1: Five days of activities with focus on general cadet knowledge and partake in activities within the local community.
  • CAP 2: Nine days of training activities with an overnight outdoor Field Training Exercise (FTX) portion consisting of 4 days (3 nights). There will be opportunities to achieve cadet qualifications, including marksmanship and fitness.

CAP is designed for first- and second-year cadets to participate in local, fun, and interactive community-based activities alongside other sea, army, and air cadets.

Activities will vary based on available community resources and include:

  • Fitness Activities
  • Drill & Leadership
  • Community Tours
  • Marksmanship
  • Canadian Armed Forces Engagement​​​​​​​

Have any questions or need more information please contact Admin Officer CI Ruscoff.​​​​​​​