​​​​​​​                                              This is a 2-Step Process

Please complete both sections below. Section 1 is the Squadron Sponsoring Committee registration and Section 2 is the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) registration. FIRST YEAR REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL BOTH SECTIONS ARE COMPLETE!! Thereafter, ONLY the SSC registration is required annually.


1. Squadron  Sponsoring Committee Registration

Instructions on how to register your cadet are at the links just below.
(Please read these! They explain how to navigate the website to fully register your cadet(s) for our Squadron. After that click the button below to start.)

Registering for the first time - HOW TO document

Re-registering your cad​​​​​​​et(s) - HOW TO document

             2. CJCR Cadet Registration (First time registering? -  Do this too, unless you already did! )

             Click on the button below. Unit name should automatically populate.                                           Please Note: CJCR was formerly DND.

                   If not, put "205 Collishaw" in the bar and the rest should pop up.